Kevin Crowsyn

Digital Marketing Professional • Change Agent • Strategist • Consultant

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Who is Kevin?

I belong to many tribes. The tribe of fathers. The tribe of Soldiers. Husbands. Gators. Wrestling Fans. 

We all strive for connections and seek out those in our tribes. In today’s digital world, making those connections is paramount to all organizations and public figures. 

I help with with branding, digital marketing, and social media management.

✓ Over a decade of experience developing and implementing digital marketing strategy at regional and national levels

✓ Attended University of Florida and earned one of the top-ranked Master of Arts in Mass Communication degrees in the nation, with a specialization in social media

✓ Experience with military, nonprofit, businesses, and individuals

Featured in UF’s”Amazing Alumni” series

Career Highlights


“The key to Kevin’s success is that he LEADS his team in the pursuit of excellence. Kevin establishes objective criteria by which his teams are able to measure themselves. He understands the principles of team building and uses these principles to develop the leadership abilities in everyone on the team – ensuring they grow to be a better leader tomorrow than they are today.”

Rosella Scott, Global Coordinator of Operations and Leader Development – US ARMY MEDICAL RECRUITING Brigade

“Kevin’s expertise in digital marketing and strategy is helping change the way we do medical recruiting…As the CMO for Army Medical Recruiting, I’ve had the pleasure of strategizing with Kevin on marketing initiatives and projects. Kevin provided valuable insight which has helped shaped our overall marketing strategy. I fully recommend Kevin and endorse his digital marketing expertise and look forward to collaborating with him in the future.”

Sam St. Thomas, OWNER – Promoveo Marketing and Business Solutions

“Kevin developed and spearheaded implementation of our Virtual Recruiting Strategy. His vision was clear and he built a system that was efficient for the end-user while being scalable both up and down. His Virtual Recruiting Strategy is changing the way the Army presents itself to current generations and is delivering phenomenal results thus far. In addition to the Army, his strategy and vision would take any fortune 500 company to the next level in regards to branding and owning the online domain. It was a pleasure working with Kevin, he is a brand expert and a leader that others strive to emulate!”

James Delong, Change Management Manager – Cushman & Wakefield

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